5 tips on how to buy shoes online

Our subject today is about choosing to buy shoes online.

Shoe is one of the items of clothing in which comfort is super important as it is one of the most sought after to buy online, in this post we will give 5 tips to buy shoes online without having headache!

You can not help but buy that shoe that you are already on a site, even more in this time of black friday is not it ?!

weelll come on!!!

1 . Know your feet

You need to know your feet perfectly, what kind of shoes look best, where shoes usually hurt, and those models that you can not use at all. That way when you view the photo of a shoe online you will know if the model is feasible for you or not.

2. Know the materials

It is important to know which types of materials are most comfortable and fit the best for you, I’m going to use an example, I love the varnish shoes, but they tend to be more uncomfortable and hard, so I prefer to choose the ‘comfort’ models or brands I already know.

3. Types of lining and insoles

I guess few people look at the inside of the shoes, but it’s very important. See, even if by photo, how is the inside of the shoe, if it is padded, looks harder and also the material. In the summer, people usually wear a lot of open and low-cut sandals, but I prefer sneakers or shoes that have fabric lining, because walking in the heat ends up ‘baking’ my feet since they sweat a lot. The best social shoes for example are the leather and materials with higher quality and durability, but they also tend to warm up a little more feet, so it is important a good lining and good insoles in addition to the use of socks.

4. Size It is important

to know if your size is well standardized or varies depending on the model or brand, so you can choose more accurately the size in an online purchase avoiding exchanges. Usually websites have tables with information on materials and sizes


Neutral colors like black and brown never go wrong or go out of style, but the darlings of the moment for social shoes are navy blue and nude. For females the strongest tones and neon comes with everything this summer.

Specialized sites Did you know that there are websites specializing in shoes to get you taller ?!

That’s right, I discovered this a little while ago despite working a long time with fashion; I find it super interesting because it has so many options of shoes, sneakers and models that add some height, but with types that please everyone.

I’ll leave the link for one that is with black friday this week! in Charimpa you find shoes that make you taller, get to know! 

Do not forget to always choose the best option in comfort and quality, after all our feet are the part of the body that end up suffering more and supporting all our movement from day to day, it is important to worry about them and to look for shoes in our style but that they suppose this question of quality and comfort as well.

I hope you liked the tips of this post!

Leave your doubts and comments ..

one kiss!! bye bye

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